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Stories by Kayla Kayden on Medium: SMELLING NATURE WITH SOY CANDLES WAX & WICK

Mulled Cider Soy Candle

Words from the creators:

“Our 100% soy candles are made entirely with natural ingredients, including soy wax, high quality fragrance oils, and wood wicks. Paraffin candles (the ones you find in stores) are often made from waste when oil is refined into gasoline. When we realized this, we knew we had to create something healthier and cleaner… thus a completely organic, soy candle.”

100% Soy Candle

“Small Batches of Perfection.”

“Our small batch pours allow us to focus on perfecting the candle. These American-sourced ingredients deliver the ultimate visual, aural, and olfactory experience. After all, we think quality always beats quantity.”

“Let’s Talk Scents.”

Whiskey Soy Candle

“From our Whiskey scent that might make you take out your ID, to our Fireside scent which reminds you of the annual boy’s camping trip… each smell will bring an entirely different experience to you. Click on each of our candles to find in-depth scent descriptions.” — Wax&Wick

Oakmoss Soy Candle

Other Wax and Wick Perks:

50–60 burn hours

Hand-poured batches

No soot residue

📝 My thoughts 🤔 👩🏼🕯️

“I bought the Mountain Fig soy candle by Wax & Wick. I loved the smell as soon as I opened the box. It smelled like being in the middle of a mountain somewhere far from where I live in Las Vegas. I love the nature but living in Las Vegas there’s not much of it. I wanted a candle that reminded me of being back in my home town in upstate New York. I grew up by grass and trees and as soon as I smelled this candle it took me back. The smell was a very masculine smelling which I liked a lot. It was different than the stuff I usually get. I think if I walked into a guy’s house with this smell I would be very excited.” — KaylaKayden

Mountain Fig Soy Candle

“I really enjoyed lighting this candle as well. The wick is made of wood. It made the candle give off even more of a feel of being in nature.” — KaylaKayden

Mountain Fig Soy Candle

“I bought several of the candles and plan to light them all year round!” -KaylaKayden

Kayla Kayden with Mountain Fig Soy Candle


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